Building Self-Esteem

The Mirror of Your Mind

by Frank D. Young, PhD., C. Psych.

Learn an effective approach to build self-esteem. Walk through the Mirror and see yourself through the compassionate eyes of your future self, healing yourself with support from the source of your wisdom, courage, and empowerment. Rehease several scenes of future success to instill personal confidence.

Use this digitally-mastered audiotape for:

This audiotape was developed by Dr. Frank Young, a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, and training consultant in wellness promotion. This session has proven effective in Dr. Young's practice with substance abuse and eating disorders, especially in coping with body image distortions, identity, and self-image. It has also been used to improve confidence and self-esteem in clinical trials by individuals and groups in several settings in the United States and Canada.

Side A of the tape outlines an effective approach for recovery from low self-esteem. It covers the topics of self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem. Also outlined are cognitive strategies to reverse unrealistic expectations, reduce perfectionism, increase the ability to receive and integrate compliments, and reverse the tendency to life for the approval of others. Also detailed is the use of deeply relaxed theta mind states for the incorporation of affirmations and imagery for self-acceptance and confidence.

On Side B of the tape the user is guided through imagery in future projection into a world of the future, six months from today. The listener looks through a mirror and is drawn into his /her personal future. Desired outcomes are rehearsed in the domains of career, friends, love, family, community, and spirituality. Then the listener reviews steps in the process of recovery, including overcoming obstacles and setbacks along the way. Finally, self-acceptance and support is promoted by having a personal Inner Guide agree to help in each step in building confidence and self-esteem.

Light and Sound Devices

Although excellent as a stand-alone product, this tape is custom-designed for direct use with the Voyager XLTM light and sound device produced by Theta Technologies Inc. Connect your tape player to this mind machine, press Change A-5, play Side B, and as soon as you hear the sound of the words, start the program. For even deeper relaxation, or to induce deep sleep, use Learn A-5. In all of these sessions everything will run in synchrony.*

* This tape may also be used with other brands of light and sound devices, (such as the D.A.V.I.D. ParadiseTM systems produced by Comptronic Devices Ltd.). With these other devices, use a standard 20-minute alpha-to-deep-theta session as listed in the program manual for that device. While the session synchrony will not be as precise, the overall effect can be approximately similar.


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