Accessing the Treasure House

of the Unconscious

Frank D. Young, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Learn the light and sound patterns of beta, alpha, and theta mind states, and how to recognize and access these states effectively. Incubate dilemmas and questions, allowing theta reverie states to generate creative images that can become metaphors for solution, resolution, synthesis, and expansion of consciousness. This digitally mastered tape and its custom sessions are designed to:

This audiotape was developed by Dr. Frank Young, a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, and program consultant to Theta Technologies Inc. and Comptronic Devices Inc. The tape provides instruction and guided induction in the use of mind states, especially theta reverie and hypnagogia, in the creative process. This tape has proven effective in promoting stress management and creative idea development in clinical trials by individuals and groups in training workshops in several settings in the United States and Canada. It can also be used as a stand-alone product to practice and refresh the listener's memory of the exercises and cues to activate the desired mind states for stress management, stabilizing moods, controlling anxiety and activation level.

Side A features the theory and research on the use of mind states in promoting creativity. It outlines in a clear model the 5 stages in developing the creative process, and the role of mind states in each of these stages. It also outlines how to use patterns and sequencing of training sessions to maximize your personal creativity.

Side B is an induction that proceeds through the levels of alpha and theta consciousness, including exercises for the "emptying of the mind" so crucial to the creative incubation process. In this session, you are left with the option of extending time in the deep theta state to allow for more complete imagery development (also sleep disorder applications). Intermittent patterns of stimulation assist you in managing the arousal level on the threshold of sleep and lucid dreaming. Audiotaped suggestions help you maintain lucid awareness, with strategies to help remember these images for later recording and further processing of their meaning and significance.

Light and Sound Devices

Note: This tape is custom-designed for direct use with the Voyager XLTM light and sound device produced by Theta Technologies Inc. Connect your tape player to this mind machine, press Learn A-3, play Side B, and as soon as you hear the musical tone, start the program. Everything will run in synchrony.*

* This tape may also be used with other brands of light and sound devices, (such as the D.A.V.I.D. ParadiseTM systems produced by Comptronic Devices Ltd.). With these other devices, use a standard 20-minute alpha-to-deep-theta session as listed in the program manual for that device. While the session synchrony will not be as precise, the overall effect can be approximately similar.

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